José Manuel Merello​​


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​Current Spanish Painters. Expressionism, Surrealism.

Buy paintings of landscapes.-seascapes, modern painting.-Jose Manuel Merello.-Blue fields of the Mediterranean. (81x130cm) canvas

Landscape paintings. Buy Contemporary Art Works. Collecting and Investment.
Campos azules del Mediterráneo
81 x 130 cm
Mix media on canvas

jose-manuel-merello-painter.-paintings-artworks-contemporary-art. landscapes`plaza-de-la-reina-valencia-100x81-cm-canvas

Plaza de la Reina. Valencia
100 x 81 cm
Mix media on canvas


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Spanish Contemporary Painters. Artists of the XXI-21st Century.

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Figure Paintings. Buy Works of Figurative Art. Modern Painting, Collecting and Investment.
Marinero malagueño
73 x 54 cm
Mix media on canvas

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José Manuel Merello

Paintings & Artworks for sale.

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​In the study...


​"​All painting is a fact: paintings are charged with their own presence."

(Andy Warhol)

Figure Paintings. Buy Contemporary Art Works. Art Collecting and Investment.
Mujer sentada con florero
81 x 100 cm
Técnica mixta sobre lienzo



​​​​Acquiring a painting is, finally, buying an idea embodied on a canvas, board or paper. But in painting, acquiring an idea is being able to have the technique, texture, drawing and color that make it possible. Buying the unique, original, piece will always be above any reproduction or digital file. It is incomparable to have before you the flat echo of a painting that the painting gestated and latent in all its procedure. Painting is a pictorial surface with all that that implies: process, minimal turbulence, impastos, corrections, a hidden internal gestation, different brightness, different results of light, texture and color depending on the viewing angle... none of this offers a reproduction or a poster, that is why being able to have the original work will always mean being able to live with it day by day, talk and live with it, as with the loved one, alive and changing, and not with its static memory in a photography. © José Manuel Merello


Contemporary Art Online. Purchase of figurative paintings. 21st century painters.

El sueño
81 x 100 cm
Mix media / Canvas


​Contemporary Art Online. Purchase of figurative paintings. 21st century painters.
Las Meninas

40 x 30 cm
​Mix media / Canvas


​Modern Art Online. Purchase of figurative drawings. 21st century painters. Current Artists.
Caballo japonés
Graphito / Paper


​Modern Art Online. Purchase of figurative paintings. 21st century painters. Current Artists, Painting.
La niña de la luna
73 x 54 cm
​Mix media / Canvas


​Modern Art Online. Purchase of figurative paintings. 21st century painters. Current Artists, Painting.
Mauve girl
92 X 73 cm
​Mix media / Wood

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​Online Art. Buy still life artworks. 21st century painters. Current Artists, Contemporary Painting.
Florero con viento azul
92 x 73 cm
​Mix media / Canvas

buy-artworks-still life-vases-invert-painting-modern-contemporary-art-jose-manuel-merello.-vase-with-scratched-background-(73x54-cm)-canvas

​Online Art. Buy still life artworks. 21st century painters. Current Artists, Contemporary Painting.
Florero con fondo rayado
73 x 54 cm
​Mix media / Canvas

buy-artworks-still lifes-interiors-modern-art-paintings-jose-manuel-merello.-balcony-to-the-mediterranean-

​Online Art. Buy still life artworks. 21st century painters. Current Artists, Contemporary Painting.
Balcón al Mediterráneo
​Mix media 


​Online Art. Buy figurative art artworks. 21st century painters. Current Artists, Contemporary Painting.
92 x 73 cm
​Mix media / Canvas

I D E A S...

​​The art of buying ART.
A new world.

​The acquisition of contemporary art has taken an unsuspected turn until just a few years ago. If Claude Monet had been told 120 years ago that his water lilies and brilliant landscapes could be seen on high-quality screens from anywhere in the world and, furthermore, bought and collected from the sofa in a house with just a few clicks, he would have thought it was a bad joke. No one in their right mind is ahead of such paradigm shifts, no one except the crazy ones or the visionaries who generate such changes when technology allows. But in addition to technology, it must be allowed by the public, who must naturally assume the more than real possibility of said advance, the comfortable and safe act of buying, at whatever price, objects of all kinds, from a car, to a house or the most valuable art. This internalized trust as something normal, as a habitual market process, has also cost decades of assimilation by citizens since the appearance of the Internet. Before that, everything was analog and required a meticulous and face-to-face examination of the object, artistic in this case, its confirmation of a real thing and not a virtual one, and of course an ancient payment method that has nothing to do with bank gateways or the transfers that we currently use on the Internet. It could be said that the charm of direct sales has been lost, the exchange between seller and buyer, the direct appreciation of the painting, of the car, of the vacation home that we will go to in the summer, but nothing has been lost , these options continue being there, there is only profit, there are only new and fabulous tools to be able to comfortably buy anything. Scams and frauds have always existed and the argument that everything is worse online does not hold up; the security protocols of the worldwideweb, banking with its current online payment systems, the progressive education and knowledge of the digital environment of citizens mean that being able to buy a beautiful new car or a painting by the artist that we like is currently also real, simple and reliable, and a pleasure accessible from the most comfortable and remote place imaginable. © José Manuel Merello


Online Art. Buy still life paintings. 21st century painters. Current Artists, Contemporary Painting.
Florero con frutas y ventana
54 x 73 cm
Mix media on wood

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José Manuel Merello.- Expressionist Painter


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